A.L.C. + January Consulting, Scaling DTC Business Through Improved CRM and Optimized Paid Marketing

Transformed CRM and paid marketing efforts


  • Improved Customer Understanding
  • Enhanced Personalization
  • Data-driven Media Investment


  • Comprehensive CRM Evaluation
  • Data Cleansing and Integration
  • Alignment of Data Collection and Analysis


Renowned celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman launched A.L.C. in 2009 to create the versatile, beautifully crafted staples women’s wardrobes were missing. A.L.C. brought on January Consulting to strategically scale their DTC business by improving their CRM strategy, first party data collection and utilization. January Consulting was tasked with providing a single view of omnichannel customers and identifying opportunities to deliver greater value in marketing from customer data and segmentation. 


January Consulting evaluated all aspects of A.L.C.’s CRM program, including first-party data collection strategy and usage. We cleansed and united their omnichannel customer data into single customer profiles and then conducted multiple different analyses to determine buying behaviors and trends. Through this process we identified future opportunities for improved data collection and organization, and established new and robust CRM segmentation parameters to be used in acquisition and retention marketing channels. With consideration to A.L.C.’s internal resources, we developed a First Party Data Playbook that was used to educate teams across retail, ecommerce and merchandising on how to advance customer data collection and CRM.


The new CRM analysis enabled A.L.C. to understand their customer more deeply, and empowered their marketing team to develop more personalized messaging flows and to use media investment more wisely.

“Working with January Consulting was a game-changer for how we look at and use our customer data effectively. Their unique approach went beyond the usual consulting playbook. January Consulting didn’t just help us understand our customer better, they became an integral part of our team, dove deep into our brand, sought to really understand our product and vision, and crafted strategies for speaking to our customer that we hadn’t thought of before. Their dedication to our success is what sets them apart from others. We didn’t just get a consultant; we got a passionate partner who was in sync with our goals and consistently went above and beyond.”

Ellen Kinney
CEO at A.L.C.

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