AI, Ad Placements & Audiences: What You Need to Know From Google Marketing Live 2024

The one thing that is constant in the digital landscape is change. For advertisers, staying agile and adaptable to new advancements is crucial for maintaining efficiency and improving performance.

Google Marketing Live (GML) was held earlier this month, unveiling a series of updates and new features that will impact the user experience and advertising functionality. While AI certainly took center stage, there were announcements from product updates to measurement advancements that are posed to enhance advertising strategies and outcomes. 

Key Themes

  1. AI-Driven Innovation – AI was at the forefront of GML 2024, with numerous updates aimed at integrating AI into various aspects of advertising. Google emphasized the transformative potential of AI in enhancing ad creation, targeting, and measurement. 
  2. Enhanced Search and Shopping Experiences – AI Overviews will directly integrate ads within its AI-driven search results. This change aims to provide more relevant ad placements by leveraging user intent and context. Google is also enhancing the visual and interactive elements of shopping ads, introducing features like 3D shopping formats and AI-powered recommendations to make online shopping more immersive. 
  3. Video and Visual Storytelling – YouTube continues to be a significant focus, with new tools and features aimed at improving video ad performance. Demand Gen campaigns now support broader reach across YouTube, Discover, and Gmail, offering new opportunities for advertisers to engage with their audiences. Additionally, the introduction of interactive elements in YouTube Shorts, like clickable stickers, aims to increase viewer engagement and drive actions. 
  4. Data Management and Privacy – Google emphasized the importance of first-party data in driving effective AI strategies. The new Google Ads Data Manager simplifies data integration from various sources, ensuring robust data management and privacy compliance. This tool aims to streamline the process of collecting, protecting, and utilizing first-party data, enabling advertisers to enhance their targeting and measurement capabilities. 

Product Announcements

Performance Max

  • Ads Power Pair: Combining AI-powered Search campaigns with Performance Max drives the strongest conversion and ROI across Google’s channels. Retailers using Performance Max report a 27% increase in conversions or value at a similar CPA/ROAS.
  • Creative Control and Transparency: New tools provide more control over ads, allowing for the creation of visually engaging, on-brand ads. Innovations include AI-powered image editing, the ability to generate image variants, and partnerships with creative platforms like Canva and Smartly.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Diagnostics: Improved placement reporting on YouTube, asset-level reporting, and conversion lift studies help advertisers understand performance and optimize campaigns.


  • Generative AI in Search Ads: AI advancements enhance search ad experiences, making them more interactive and personalized. New features include Shopping ads in Google Lens and Circle to Search results and AI-powered recommendations in search ads.
  • AI Overviews: Ads are integrated into AI-generated overviews, providing more opportunities for consumers to discover relevant products and services directly from search results.

Demand Gen

  • Visual Storytelling: Demand Gen campaigns help advertisers maximize their presence on YouTube, Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. New features include animated image ads and video asset pinning.
  • Lookalike Segments: Enhancements make it easier to create lookalike segments from smaller seed lists, helping to reach new, qualified customers.

Retail and Commerce

  • AI-Powered Product Visuals: New tools in Product Studio allow retailers to create videos and dynamic visuals from static images. Virtual try-on and 3D spins for Shopping ads enhance the online shopping experience.
  • Profit Optimization: Smart Bidding now includes a profit optimization goal, allowing advertisers to prioritize ad placements that drive higher profits.


  • Interactive Shorts Ads: New features like clickable stickers and swiping options make Shorts ads more engaging. The YouTube Shopping affiliate program expands, allowing creators to tag products in their content.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Advertisers can now see detailed reports on where their ads appear across various YouTube environments, including Shorts.

Measurement and Audiences

  • Google Ads Data Manager: Simplifies the use of first-party data by connecting with partners like Salesforce and Google Cloud Storage. New customer acquisition goals and cross-channel budgeting in Google Analytics improve campaign management.
  • Generated Insights: Google Analytics will leverage generative AI to provide proactive insights and recommendations, helping advertisers make faster, more informed decisions.


  • Web to App Connect: Enhancements to Web to App Connect deliver higher conversion rates by directing clicks to apps rather than mobile websites.
  • SKAdNetwork Enhancements: New reporting updates and beta features improve measurement and performance for iOS App campaigns.

AI Essentials in Optimization Score and Recommendations

  • Optimization Score: A new ‘AI Essentials’ category highlights opportunities to improve optimization scores, with advertisers seeing a 15% increase in conversions by increasing their scores by at least 10 points.

To remain on the forefront of innovation, we must embrace and adapt to change. Google has introduced a wealth of new information and tools – and our teams are ready for it. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to test Google’s new features and lead our clients into the future of the platform.

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